Chief Legal Officer Employment Agreement

6.2. the engagement effect; Benefits. This Agreement is binding and binding on you and the Company and for our respective heirs, legal representatives, rights holders and beneficiaries of the transfer. 4.7. No disappearance. During and after any work with the company, regardless of how, the time or reason for such employment ends, (a) you cannot, directly or by another person, make negative, derogatory or unfavorable verbal or written statements or assurances of the company or its subsidiaries or subsidiaries, customers or affiliates. , their clients or companies, or their former executives. , directors, employees or shareholders and (b) the parties of the company (as defined below) must not have negative, derogatory or negative verbal or written statements or assurances about you; However, provided that nothing can prevent critical communication between you and the company or parties during the initial term and any extension period and in relation to your employment or (ii) you or any part of the company to disclose truthful information, if required by law (whether through oral questions , requests for questioning, requests for information or documents, summonses, requests for civil investigation or other). For the purposes of this agreement, “corporate parties” are defined as senior executives and designated spokespersons for the company. Checking the legal advice.

The association and the manager should have the employment contract checked by their respective lawyers. Benefits and benefits. The agreement should specify the remuneration and benefits to be provided to the CEO. In addition to salary, reported benefits may include health, life and other insurance; holidays and other holidays; Premiums and incentives deferred pension benefits, professional affiliations and vocational training, as well as others, which have been agreed upon by the parties. 6.9. Arbitration. The parties agree that all litigation arising from or related to this Agreement and all of your claims related to your employment with the company, including all discrimination or other employment rights arising from Title VII of the amended Human Rights Act 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act or other federal employment-related rights. , national or local law, is referred to arbitration before the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in accordance with its rules, which then predominates before an arbitrator for the nature of the application at issue and will be maintained in the AAA153s office of New York County. For any arbitration proceedings in this arbitration proceeding, the arbitrator has the authority to award appropriate compensation for omission or other non-monetary compensation and to award appropriate compensation.