Good Friday Peace Agreement In Northern Ireland 1998

In addition, the UK government has committed to the creation of a new Legal Commission for Equal Opportunity, which will replace the Fair Employment Commission, the Equal Opportunity Commission (NI), the Commission for Racial Equality (NI) and the Equal Opportunity Council. The creation of the Equal Opportunity Commission was provided for by the Northern Ireland Act (1998). The Commission was finally established on 1 March 1999 2202″The Good Friday Agreement: Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission”, BBC News, May 2006, consulted on 21 January 2013,… 3″The Good Friday Agreement: Equality Commission for Northern Ireland,” BBC News, May 2006, accessed 21 January 2013,… A copy of the agreement was published in every assembly in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland so that people could read before a referendum where they could vote. As part of the agreement, the British Parliament repealed the Government of Ireland Act 1920 (which had founded Northern Ireland, divided Ireland and asserted territorial right to the whole of Ireland) and the people of the Republic of Ireland amended Articles 2 and 3 of the Irish Constitution, which asserted a territorial right to Northern Ireland. The region`s political parties still disagree and are deadlocked. Many hope that a peaceful power-sharing agreement can soon be restored. Referendums were held on 22 May 1998 in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In Northern Ireland, people were asked: “Do you support the agreement reached in the multi-party negotiations on Northern Ireland and presented in Command Paper 3883?” The participation rate was 81.1 per cent, of which 71.1 per cent argued in favour of approval. In the Republic of Ireland, people were asked: “Do you support the proposed constitutional amendment contained in the stated bill, nineteenth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1998?” The participation rate was 55.6%, of which 94.4% supported the proposed amendment to the Constitution1. The agreement marked an obligation of “mutual respect, civil rights and religious freedoms of all members of the Community” and Britain agreed to include the European Convention on Human Rights in Northern Ireland law. The election of the Northern Ireland Assembly took place in June 1998 on the basis of the proportional representation method, and the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Northern Ireland Ministers were elected in November 1998 on a proportional basis.1 In order to promote minority languages, the Government established the Center Community Relations Unit to develop a policy for the use of the language for Irish, Ulster and the languages of other communities.

In December 1999, the Northern Language Implementation Body came into force to impose the government`s commitment to promote linguistic diversity in accordance with the agreement.1″The Good Friday Agreement: Culture,” BBC News, seen on 7 February 2013,… Its proposals should contain recommendations covering all issues, such as retraining, employment, education and professional development, that are necessary to move to police work in a peaceful society.