Health And Human Services Acceptable Use Agreement

Information Technology (IT) – All interconnected services, devices or systems or subsystems of devices used in the collection, storage, analysis, evaluation, handling, management, movement, movement, display, circuit, exchange, transmission or receipt of data or information by the Agency. For the purposes of this definition, these services or equipment are used directly by the Agency or by a contractor under a contract with the Agency that requires its use; or, to a significant extent, its use in the provision of a service or the establishment of a product. Information technology includes computers, auxiliary equipment (including imaging devices, entry, exit and storage equipment needed for security and monitoring), devices that can be controlled by a computer`s central processing unit, software, microprograms and similar procedures, services (including cloud computing and support services or other professional services that support any point in the equipment or service lifecycle) and associated resources. Information technology does not include equipment purchased by a contractor who is next to a contract and whose use is not required. (Source: OMB Circular A-130) The objective of this HHS Directive is to define the acceptable use of information and information services (OpDivs) and to define the essential requirements for the implementation of the HHS (RoB) codes of conduct that govern the appropriate use of DHS/OpDiv systems and resources for all employees, contractors and other employees who have access to HHS information and information systems. RoB in terms of access and use of HHS information and IT resources is an important part of the HHS information security program. Version 2.2: released in May 2019. The Webmail access policy has been modified to block access via the public internet and to encourage OpDivs to reduce its use. Additional requirement to limit the use of personal emails, storage services and devices to perform HHS transactions and store HHS data. CUI Privacy-Health Information – A subcategory of CUI Privacy. In accordance with 42 USC 1320d (4), “health information” refers to any oral or in any form or mediated information that is produced or received (A) by a health service provider, a public health plan, a public health authority, an employer, a life insurer, a school or university, or a health care clearing house; and (B) refers to past, present or future physical or mental health, or a person`s condition, the provision of health care to a person, or the previous, present or future payment for the provision of health care to a person.