Investor Agreement Malaysia

Once the conditions have been met, the issuer is required to grant you shares, as well as other investors or the agent who have invested in the issuer. The issuer`s secretary issues share certificates to the investor or trust created, depending on the time, within fourteen (14) working days from the date of compliance. Investors and/or nominees and the issuer make physical copies of the shareholders` pact when the time comes. Retail Investor refers to all other investors, with the exception of Sophisticated Investor and Angel Investor, which is 18 and over. If the issuer subsequently takes additional capital, it may issue new shares to new investors, so that the percentage of the issuer`s shares you owned can be diluted accordingly. New shares may result in certain preferential rights to dividends, proceeds from the sale and other shares that may affect you; and the information and conditions of this agreement are not exhaustive and there are other sources of information about these processes, which can be found in other documents on the platform. In particular, the use of the platform is considered to be consistent with platform agreements. The terms of this agreement prevail over the terms and conditions of any agreement you have reached prior to this agreement (including platform agreements that may change from time to time). Participating investors are immediately informed and the deadline for submitting bids is extended by 10 (10) calendar days to allow concerned investors to give their opinion on whether they wish to invest or withdraw in such an offer. In the event that an investor does not object to such a disclosure, it is considered that the investor agrees to continue to invest in the corresponding offer. Offers on the website are only open to investors during the offer period.

In order to avoid any doubt, an investor may commit to making a payment or deposit as an investment interest in an issuer`s offer before listing the offer on the site, and such an obligation to make such a payment or deposit is an expression of the investor`s interest in investing. This investor must confirm his investment on the basis of the information provided on the issuer and on the terms of such an offer published on the website during the offer period. The share subscription form is legally binding for each investor as soon as the investor agrees to be bound by the investor`s terms and offer, to enter into an appointment agreement and the issuer has agreed to a shareholders` pact at the end of the cooling-off period. As an investor and invest via crowdfunding platforms like the site, you need to understand the risk-taking of this and make your own assessment and decision whether or not to continue the investment. In order to avoid any doubt, the other categories of investors, with the exception of Angel Investors, are identified by the investor when registering on the “self-reported” website. The parties keep confidentially the date and nature of this agreement, any confidential information relating to this agreement and/or any other document relating to this or related agreement (“Confidential Information”), confidential (and, if applicable, obtaining that their directors, senior executives, employees, representatives and advisors) are confidential and may not disclose this information to third parties without the prior consent of other parties, except: investors must register on the website and be registered as users.