Marrakesh Agreement Annex 2

(b) an application for exemption from multilateral trade agreements in Schedules 1A or 1B or 1C and their schedules is first submitted for consideration to the Goods Trade Council, the Trade Council of Services or TRIPS.dem for review for a period of 90 days. At the end of the period, the relevant Council submits a report to the ministerial conference. 4. The 1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade under Schedule 1A (`GATT 1994`) is legally different from the general agreement on tariffs and trade of 30 October 1947 attached to the final act which was amended or amended at the end of the second session of the preparatory committee of the unseeed Trade and Employment Conference in its later version, (hereafter referred to as GATT 1947). Council decision 94/800/EC on the conclusion of agreements reached in the Uruguay Round multilateral negotiations (1986-1994) on the conclusion of multilateral negotiations between Uruguay (1986- 1986- 1984) 1994) – Aspects related to trade in goods (d) are marked with the symbol ST-Anhang 5 in section I-B of Part I of a member`s protocol attached to the Marrakech Protocol, as they are subject to particular aspects, factors related to non-trade issues, such as food security and environmental protection; and two. Membership decisions are made by the ministerial conference. The Ministerial Conference approves the agreement on the terms of membership by a two-thirds majority of WTO members. 1. The contracting parties to the 1947 GATT at the time of the entry into force of this agreement and the European Communities, which accept this agreement and multilateral trade agreements, for which concession and commitment plans are attached to the 1994 GATT and which are accompanied by specific commitment schemes for the GATS, become initial members of the WTO.

1. This agreement may be adopted by signing or other means by the contracting parties to the 1947 GATT and by the European Communities which, under Article XI of this agreement, may have members. This acceptance applies to this agreement and to the multilateral trade agreements attached to it. This agreement and the annexed multilateral trade agreements come into force on the date set by ministers in accordance with paragraph 3 of the final act, the date on which the results of the uruguay round multilateral trade negotiations are included, and may be adopted for a period of two years after that date, unless the ministers decide otherwise. The adoption after this agreement comes into force on the 30th day after its adoption. On behalf of the European Community (now the European Union), the decision approves the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO). 4. Each member ensures that its laws, regulations and administrative procedures comply with its obligations in the annex of the agreements.