Opseu Unified Collective Agreement

The new agreement allows members to accept a position set for them by the employer (when such an organization is available) before activating their rights under section 20. Members still retain their rights under section 20. “We remain convinced that we can reach an agreement with the prison team that balances the interests of our employees with the need to provide sustainable and affordable public services,” she said, referring to the ongoing dispute with OPSEU jailers. You can also contact your staff representative or the nearest regional office to get a copy of your collective agreement. Here is a list of all the regional offices. The current collective agreement for all PAHO workers expired on December 31, 2014. All other conditions of the current collective agreement remain unchanged for the duration of the collective agreement. This interim agreement could not have been reached without the unwavering support of PAHO members across the province. Thank you to our members, our employees, the Board of Directors and the mobilizers for their hard work and commitment to getting our messages out and fighting for the good fight. Details of the interim agreement will follow. opseu.org/news/opseu-is-saving-jobs-in-the-ops/97209/ Check the OPSEU website to see the announcement with a statement of the new surplus support process (Article 20).

“As part of the new agreement, members [ .] o members who make their own pension contributions. (Under the current agreement, the employer pays both pension units.) · Current temporary workers have a unique 31-day opportunity after the date of ratification of the collective agreement to receive benefits under Section 39 (additional health insurance and hospital insurance) and section 40 (dental plan) if they pay 100% of the premium for these benefits. · The trial period is nine months. This was amended to increase a worker`s probation period to 12 months, but only by mutual agreement between the worker, the union and the employer. The Joint Transition and Reclassification Committee will negotiate these agreements with the support of CERC and/or BMERC, in collaboration with your Departmental Labour Relations Committee.