Overlake Hospital Collective Bargaining Agreement

These reporting obligations are an important protection for front-line health workers and WSNA supports the Governor`s directive that Overlake inform employees of exposure to SARS-VOC-2 in the workplace. In addition, there are important reasons why workers want their union to be aware of workplace exposure as well. Here are three reasons: Join us today and get access to all benefits and membership rights If you give your consent, Overlake must inform WSNA of the show. The Union will work with all of us to ensure that our rights are protected and that we all have access to the contractual and public services available. WSNA respects the right of Overlake nurses not to disclose exposure information if they wish. The EU is committed to keeping confidential information about the disclosure of nurses. We find Overlake`s first message regrettable and misleading in his tone. We hope that the hospital will commit to greater transparency in the preparation of our next contract negotiations and that it will work together to keep our workplace as safe as possible in these times. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact your WSNA Nurse Representative Sam Scholl sscholl@wsna.org. Without attacking LSNA, Overlake recently sent WSNA members a news release on the December 3 governor Inslee proclamation. Overlake did so without explaining that, in order for the hospital to continue to provide certain services, the Governor ordered hospitals to inform their health care staff and, if the worker admits, within 24 hours, known or suspected exposure to SARS-VOC-2 risk in the workplace. If you are in a situation that you think will create dangerous conditions for patients or for you, complete as soon as possible a complaint form/ADO form. WSNA also uses your ADO forms to track problems in your institution.

If you and your staff take the important step in completing an ADO form, you will help determine if there is a model of hazardous conditions for you or your patients in your facilities. This information is used by your conference committee, your staff committee and WSNA staff to improve your working conditions. If you are involved in a meeting with management, read to management the following when the meeting begins: by filling out the form, you will help publicize the administration problem, creating a way to solve the problem. In addition, you will document the facts, which may be useful later if there is a negative result. Save the dates of Advocacy Camp (January 25) and Lobby Day (Feb. 4)!.