Siemens Plm License Agreement

“site” refers to a single physical site where EDA software can be used by authorized users. To the extent that the official and usual workplace of an authorized user is a licensed website, the occasional use of EDA software by that user in locations other than that site (for example.B. use of that user`s residence, airport, hotel, etc.) is considered a use on the website and in accordance with the site restriction. “Authorized users” refers to the client`s authorized staff and agents. For licenses granted for a territory with more than one site, this includes employees and authorized agents of client subsidiaries. 6.1 Resignation. Limited-time licenses expire at the end of the validity period. SISW may, for a reasonable reason, including, but not limited to, the unauthorized installation or use of SISW software by the customer, the registration or filing of bankruptcy applications by the customer, the termination of the customer`s activities or a violation of sections 2.3, 3 , 7 or 8 of this LAA, (ii) or (iii) for any other injury that is not available after 30 days in advance 4.1 defects. SISW ensures that the software will provide the client with the essential functions and functions described in the documentation for a period of 90 days from the date the software is made available as part of an order. The above warranty excludes (i) the software made available free of charge, (ii) the software made available by re-mix, (iii) the software that is supported from the date of the order as retired or not generalized and (iv) deliveries subject to maintenance terms and conditions. SISW`s full liability and exclusive redress for the breach of this warranty is, at SISW`s choice, to correct or circumvent errors or replace defective software or reimburse royalties paid for defective software returned by the Customer. (c) third-party hosting of software; Compensation. The client can only load one-third of the host software (“Provider”) with SISW`s prior written consent.

SISW may require a separate written agreement as a precondition for such consent. Software hosted by a vendor must at all times remain under the exclusive control of the customer, unless the vendor`s management and operation of the software is expressly approved by SISW, in which case the customer will ensure that the vendor manages and operates software in accordance with this agreement and exclusively for the customer`s internal business purposes. , as it allows. If the customer is aware of an unauthorized use or disclosure of software, effective or suspected, the Customer will immediately terminate the Vendor`s access to the Software. A violation of this agreement, caused by a supplier, constitutes a violation of the customer. The client will be unscathed by SISW and its companies related to any claim, damage, fine and cost (including legal fees and fees) related to the client`s use of the supplier`s services. The customer will notify SISW if the supplier or its relevant transaction is under the control of a third party, in which case SISW may revoke its prior consent. 3.3 Additional use restrictions. Licensing for some EDA software may be limited to a specific computing power (for example. B the number of nuclei used to process an order) and multiple licenses can be combined to use the computing power of each license for use by one or more authorized users.