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These terms of use constitute all understanding and contract between the parties and replace any prior and simultaneous, oral or written statements, communications, agreements and agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this Agreement. The parties acknowledge and accept that neither party is included in these terms of use on the basis of assurances or commitments that are not expressly included. These terms represent the full agreement between you and JMA regarding the use of this website and merge all previous agreements and agreements. We often prepare shareholder agreements. Our experience, focus and systems allow us to meet your documentation needs in a timely, comprehensive and cost-effective manner. Information made available on the Japan Meteorological Agency website (hereinafter referred to as “content”) may be freely used, copied, publicly disclosed, translated or modified, provided the user complies with provisions 1) to 7) below. Commercial use of content is also permitted. However, note that digital data and data in simple tables, graphics, etc., are not subject to copyright. Therefore, the terms of use do not apply to this data and this data can be used freely.

The use of the content is the user`s consent to these Terms of Use for the use of the content described here (`Terms of Use`). Some of the things you want to consider when entering into a shareholders` pact are: a shareholders` pact is an agreement between shareholders in a company where they agree on how the company`s business is managed and how the business is managed. A shareholder contract expands the company`s by-law or replaceable rules (depending on the company`s case). Under no circumstances will JMA, nor any of its senior managers, directors and employees, be held responsible for anything that results from your use of this site or in any other way, regardless of whether such liability is stipulated or not. JMA, including its senior managers, directors and employees, will not be responsible for the indirect, consecutive or special responsibilities arising from the use of this site or in any way. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) collects information about users of its website as part of the measure needed to provide optimal services (including providing information and gathering comments and comments on the website). All the information collected is used accordingly for the purposes shown below. This website is provided “as we see” with all errors and JMA does not provide any assurance or guarantee as to the type of information available on this site or on the documents contained on this site.