Mcast Mut Collective Agreement

Four months later, MUT again listed a number of complaints and declared a dispute on February 5, 2008. The union criticized the intransigence of MCAST`s management and the fact that its demands were ignored. MCAST responded by saying that MUT appeared to resume negotiations whenever an agreement was to be reached. More information on recent agreements signed by the MUT can be found here. Paid members can also request a paper copy of their respective agreements at the mut office: on Monday, the union informed MCAST management and the Ministry of Education that it had declared a commercial dispute with the college after MCAST failed to comply with the provisions of the collective agreements on wages and allowances. The Union explained this on its website and stated that MCAST had repeated a number of errors in terms of wages and arrears of payment. MUT stated that the problem had been raised from the first days of the academic year and had reached an agreement with the college and the Ministry of Education to resolve the situation. Two months later, on July 24, MCAST and MUT signed a new collective agreement for academic staff. The MUT was satisfied with the success of the long and difficult negotiations. The union said the agreement will lead to better terms of employment, improved wage structures and increased opportunities for job promotion. Relations between the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology and the Union of Teachers of Malta were particularly strained during the 2007-2008 academic year. The dispute erupted over the signing of a new collective agreement and the workload of teachers. Relations deteriorated further in May 2008, when teachers gave up all other tasks other than classes.

However, the blockade ended in July 2008, when a new collective agreement was signed. On 4 April, the situation worsened when the union re-entered into a declaration of conflict due to the stagnation of the talks. On 25 April, MCAST submitted a new revised agreement, but the MUT deemed it unacceptable and ordered a further two-hour strike on 30 April. MCAST again expressed surprise and stressed that the agreement had been the subject of an in-depth discussion with a MUT delegation.