What Is Cidco Tri Party Agreement

According to experts, tripartite agreements have been reached to help buyers acquire funds from banks in exchange for the planned purchase of a home from a developer. Hi Sir, I am planning to buy a resale apartment in Vashigaon in Navi Mumbai, on this land I want a loan of 20 Lakes from private banks, banks are ready for this, now you can tell me the exact process to buy this apartment? The price of the apartment is 31lacs, the owners want4-5lacs in advance before the agreement, the apartment has required documents (o.c., cc., titel certificate) Depends on the entire chain of documents. Just saying he has a CO, but not a tripartite agreement, means nothing. Tripartite agreements should include details of the purpose of the property and include an annex to all original documents. In addition, tripartite agreements must be stamped accordingly, depending on the State in which the property is located. Here are my questions: 1) The builder told me the area as 700 square feet. However, the area mentioned in the sales contract indicates 50 square meters. So, what could be the actual built and carpeted space I get (in square feet). and is 12.5% gaothan expansion plots fall under gaothan fsi dh 4 or it falls under cidco plot fsi that is to say 2.5 builder owns nothing unless it has a registered purchase contract that I certainly do not have. Everything belongs to Gaonwala, unless there is a tripartite agreement that favors the builder. The rules of the housing association stipulate that the builder must begin the process of starting a business as soon as 60% of the apartments are sold (even without DAS OC). You can file a complaint with the district consumer forum for lack of service and legal obligations. He did not receive the rental order.

This is a defect in the service and legal obligations. Submit a case in the district consumer forum It has not yet started to form the company even after the sale of 60% apartments. This is also a violation of legal obligations. He must terminate the promotion for the benefit of the Company within 4 months of the Company`s registration. If he does not, he will be punished again by the consumer court. The consumer court is not like a real dish. You can put a case on a simple sheet of paper. You don`t need a lawyer. The Consumer Court will issue an order in your favor and the builder will be responsible for paying you compensation in the amount of a few lakhs. If he still does not remedy the situation, he will be fined Rs.500 per day.

After successfully starting a business, you can begin the accepted promotion procedure. The entire transport procedure takes 8 months from start to finish. In principle, the whole procedure can therefore take more than a year. But if you start now and put notices to the builder, they`ll see that you`re determined and will most likely compromise. .