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17 Dec Sienna Senior Living Collective Agreement

It is not very clear about the travel we have outside of Canada. Also, the drug sees benefits for the cheaper generic brand of certain drugs. Great benefits, 15 days of paid leave, 3 days of wellness and more than 15 days of illness, and dental and ophthalmic insurance Not great for Ortho. Some employers offer the flex amount that can be used for any domain. Unionized workers benefit from an increase in parental leave, while executives do not. “Super health insurance, including eyes, teeth and massage” The benefits package is generally good. There is cover for eye, tooth, health and covered recipe. Physiotherapy is also included. There is also a retirement plan in the package. The company does nothing special for its employees.

They reduce all benefits to increase shareholder value. The general manager makes a bonus, but no one else does. Good cover, with a few options. It is mainly the employer who pays. The employees` purchasing plan could be consistent. Simple registration and update. I do not know what benefits I get, I am a server, I am sure I am worth nothing, these issues are boring, I just try to look for a new job and not talk about my current work. The benefits for front-line staff are a bit decent, the management benefits are good.

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