Psac Collective Agreement Dnd

11. Negotiations with individual workers are contrary to the principles of collective bargaining. The case law has clearly shown that the existence of a collective relationship excludes “private” negotiations and thus deprives individual workers of their rights guaranteed by a collective agreement. Signing a worker in a signed contract (for example. B a transfer agreement) or the acceptance of the agreement that there is no acting salary does not prevent a worker from asserting his rights within the collective agreement. The conditions under which there is a right to act are determined by collective bargaining. The collective agreement between PSAC and The Treasury for the program and administrative services group (the expiry date of June 20, 2007) indicates that once this has been done, it is equally important to think about the tariff language with respect to what is not there. The clause, for example, does not refer to “position.” It is not a question of replacing another employee. He does not talk about another employee`s duties. It does not specify that the higher classification level should be within the bargaining unit or a certain position hierarchy.

It is not a question of the extent to which the employee is responsible for his or her duties. It does not require a worker to have the necessary qualifications to perform his or her duties. He is not talking about development or training initiatives. It does not refer to an assignment. There is no question of a formal appointment. It does not refer to the demands made by the employer or the workers who lead to the situation of action. It does not subordinate demand to the availability of funds. In other words, there are no additional requirements that go beyond the above three conditions. In the event of discrepancies in the interpretation of collective agreements, the appeal procedure has been used to resolve these disputes. As a result, the case law was created by warrant officers and the courts.

It was the experience of drama. 10.Benefits such as cash leave, maternity and severance pay are based on the wage of the job the worker holds at the time of the application of the worker`s right. A collaborator “… Is entitled to benefit from the benefits resulting from his appointment to the office of commissioner, as if he had been formally appointed to the exchange position for the duration of that employment” (Gowers).