Yacht Charter Agreement

The charterer takes possession of the yacht when the following formalities have been completed and NYCSS has been submitted: full payment of the charter; Presenting the crew list; The resume of boating; and the refundable deposit is provided by a pre-authorized credit card impressum. 5. FORCE MAJEURE: Force majeure is defined as any cause due to God`s actions, accidents, natural disasters, weather or other events that are not subject to proper owner control and are not due to the negligence of the EIGNer. There is no guarantee as to the fitness for inclement weather in relation to this Charter. If a named storm threatens or threatens the expected location of the charter yacht, as determined by the master at his discretion, the master has the option of terminating or cancelling the charter at any time he deems necessary. A cancellation due to the weather is not refundable. 7. LIENS: The CHARTERER, its agents and/or employees do not have the right or to undergo the creation of Maritime Links against the yacht. The charter undertakes to compensate the owner for any costs or losses resulting from a violation of this paragraph, including reasonable legal fees.

Please educate yourself and stay diligent by updating information on local closures, border closures, local customs, ferry schedules and regulations for all areas you wish to visit throughout your charter. A complete guide to understanding the charter documents The yacht comes with plenty of fuel, water and a cooking fuel tank. The charterer undertakes to bear additional operating costs during the duration of the charter, including, but not limited to: food and other consumables; Fuel Piloting Sunbed and shipping fees port charges; Parking permits Customs and provisions; and deliveries for the charterer and his crew. MyBA (Worldwide YachtIng Association, formerly known as the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) is often referred to as “more all expenses”.